Bullet chess - Two studies


Bullet chess at 1 min per side is sometimes a crazy affair, but a surprising number of games have a good dose of strategy and tactics. Still it was a little unusual to have two study like finishes in one morning. So here we go.

Postion 1.

Study position 1
After 25. ... Re6

In this rook and opposite color bishops endgame, white is a pawn up and looks set to win some more. But a little finesse can net more.

26. Bg5+  Kh5
27. f3!
      Cutting off the escape square on g4
27. ...   h6
28. Rh7!

Position 2.

Study position 2
After 22. ... h6

A lackadaisically played opening and white is in a lot of trouble. A stab in the dark with 21. Ng5 and black's h6 means the knight on the g6 is unprotected and this opens up some chances.

 23. Nf6+!!  Kh8
       23 .. gxf6 24. Qxg6+ Kh8 25. Qh7++  or
       23 .. Rxf6 24. Rxe8+ Rf8 25. Qxg6 Qxg5 26. Qe6+ Kh7 27. Rxf8 wins
24. Qxg6  Rxe1+
25. Kg2
       And black can only delay mate at h7 with a few spite checks.

Edit - 10-12-2020: Fixed typos in moves for first position