Gaumukh Tapovan

17-09-2021 Difficulty: Moderate Duration: 6 days

A walk along the Ganges starting from Gangotri to the Bhagirathi glacier and then a stiff climb to Tapovan.

Saddle Peak, Andaman

02-12-2019 Difficulty: Moderate Duration: 1 days

A 9 hour climb to and back from the tallest point of the Andaman islands. Beautiful forest landscape for almost first 2 hours of the coast hugging climb makes it worthwhile.


01-11-2018 Difficulty: Moderate Duration: 8 days

Moderate climb with views of Mt. Pandim and Mt. Kanchenjunga among others. Our first trek in Sikkim.


27-02-2017 Difficulty: Difficult Duration: 9 days

Rupin Pass

19-06-2016 Difficulty: Moderate Duration: 6 days

Trek with Indiahikes. Memorable mainly for the villagers we met on the way. No snow on the pass was a disappointment.


06-01-2015 Difficulty: Easy Duration: 3 days

A road trip across Andhra Pradesh covering some caves and forts. Highlight was Gandikota, called the grand canyon of India with some spectacular views and the stay in a tent under a huge windmill.

Hampta Pass II

17-10-2014 Difficulty: Difficult Duration: None days

Four years after our first trek across this pass, we were back with no support other than 2 guides. Was fun, but exhausting carrying all our stuff, cooking and putting up tents ourselves. Best thing was the solitude with no other groups around us.

Kumbakarai to Kodaikanal II

26-07-2014 Difficulty: Easy Duration: 2 days

Second time on this trail. A delayed start this time meant we did it over two days, staying for the night at Vellagavi village.


23-04-2014 Difficulty: Easy Duration: 1 days

A days climb to meesapulimala near Munnar.


17-01-2014 Difficulty: Moderate Duration: 6 days

Six day trek over a frozen river. Amazing landscapes, but some of the coldest days and nights we have experienced.


02-01-2014 Difficulty: Easy Duration: 3 days

Three day walk on railway tracks in pristine western ghats forests. Innumerable tunnels added to the thrill.


24-12-2013 Difficulty: Easy Duration: 1 days

Easy to moderate one day climb to the top of Kudremukh. Interesting ruins along the way and surprised by hail at the top.

Stok Kangri

14-07-2013 Difficulty: Difficult Duration: 7 days

Started with a memorable road trip on NH1 from Shimla to Leh. Experienced worst high altitude sickness on way to base camp. On summit day we managed to get stuck without a guide. Still managed to reach about about a 100 m below the summit at 6000 m.


02-02-2013 Difficulty: Easy Duration: None days

An unforgettable weekend. Over two days and a night we managed to do a lot of bird watching, mostly huge flocks of flamingos, paddle around in the water for hours with a lifejacket on, practise riding a catamaran and getting our car stuck in the mud and finally having it pulled out by a tractor!


28-10-2012 Difficulty: Moderate Duration: 1 days

Visit to Srivardan and Manoranjan forts, starting from Mumbai and ending in Lonavala. A long walk for one day

Top Station

26-09-2012 Difficulty: Moderate Duration: 2 days

A climb along the route of the old ropeway used to bring tea from top station to the plains. Starting at Kurangani, we sweated our way up to top station in the heat. Nice campsite at the top and a hairy climb down.

Bali Pass

16-05-2012 Difficulty: Moderate Duration: 7 days

May turned out a little early for this. Lot of snow at the pass, a bridge washed away in rains ... Finally we had to change plans to reaching the pass instead of crossing it and fell short of this too by a few hundred meters.

Kumbakarai to Kodaikanal

19-03-2012 Difficulty: Moderate Duration: 1 days

Climbing up all the way from Kumbakarai to Kodaikanal in one day in hot conditions made this difficult.

Top Slip - Chinnar

23-10-2011 Difficulty: Easy Duration: 2 days

More of a wildlife trip with a group from CTC. Memorable for first close encounter with a wild elephant (a mother with a calf that stomped its foot in rage at our proximity before we backed off) and with the Great Indian Hornbill


01-06-2011 Difficulty: Easy Duration: 7 days

A trek to the mysterious skeleton lake partly spoilt by a deceitful guide. But variety of terrain on the way with cedar forests, alpine meadows and snow covered mountains. Also probably the trek with most flora and fauna - mainly rhododendron and birds.


29-01-2011 Difficulty: Easy Duration: 2 days

Camping at the highest peak in the region.


13-11-2010 Difficulty: Easy Duration: None days

Hampta Pass

19-09-2010 Difficulty: Moderate Duration: 7 days

My first trek in the Himalayas. Actually the first camping trek for most of us. Not knowing how to pack, we struggled to carry our heavy backpacks and sleeping bags. To top it all, we didnt have enough protection against rain and crossed the pass soaked and freezing. So it was exhausting, but memorable and amazing too, and got us hooked to the Himalayas.